The Daily Trifecta


This productivity system focuses on you picking and accomplishing 3 things/actions that when completed would mean that your day was productive.

Why does it work?

  1. Avoids overloading your to-do list
  2. Helps prioritize your tasks efficiently
  3. Super easy to manage and maintain

How does it work?

  1. Pick a time after your workday, preferably around 7-8 PM.
  2. Use an app like Routine or a notebook to list 3 important tasks for the next day.
  3. Prioritize and sort the tasks based on their importance.
  4. Start working on the most important task the next day.
  5. Move to the next task only when the task at hand is complete.
  6. Move to other tasks only after the 3 tasks are completed.
  7. If unable to finish all the 3 tasks, move them to the next day's list.
  8. Start the next day with the same hierarchical order.
  9. Repeat.

The Daily Trifecta in action

John Doe is an accountant and he has a lot important tasks for tomorrow.

John sits down at 7pm and writes down the 3 most important tasks for him to do in the order of importance.

The three tasks:

  1. Balance creditor accounts
  2. Prepare the check book for signing
  3. Create a payroll report for the HR department

John starts the next day with the balancing of creditor accounts and once done, moves on to preparing the check book for signing.

However, John is unable to get to the Payroll report for the HR department.

He moves "Payroll report" task to the beginning of the next day's list of tasks.

He enlists 2 more tasks for the next day. Now John has 3 tasks for the next day and repeats the entire cycle again.

Also, when John is done with the 3 tasks for the day, he moves on to other less important tasks and works on them during working hours.

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