Tools of Titans

Tools of Titans


Tools of Titans is a 700+ page ginormous collection of insights, tricks, and mantras of individuals who’ve achieved great success in various fields, compiled by

, the author of
The 4-Hour Workweek

In this summary, we intend to cover some of the most eye opening/uncommon tips we’ve come across. Kindly refer to the book for the complete list

How to read this book

Given the size, breadth and variety of topics covered herein, it could easily get overwhelming to go through and imbibe all of the topics and tips given.

Hence, it is recommended to pick a topic that you wish to explore and explore the tips for the topic

Major themes


  1. People want to look busy, because they dread what they might have to face in its absence.
  2. If it’s not a ‘hell, yes!’, it’s a no
  3. Desire is a contract you make with yourself to be unhappy till you get what you want. So choose desires sparingly and carefully


  1. Not having connections, assets and time are excuses for our fear. We’re almost never qualified to do something until we get it done
  2. Ferriss’s fear exercise :
    1. Find out 20% of activities and people that are causing 80% of the negative emotions. You need to escape this.
    2. What’s the worst that could happen if you do what you’re afraid of? What’s the permanent damage? Can you resume your old life if you fail? In most cases, the answer is yes
    3. Have people done before what you’re afraid to do now?
    4. What’s the best case scenario if you take the high jump?

Action, not information

  1. If information was the answer, we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs
  2. Free education is abundant. It’s the desire to learn, that’s scarce


  1. Atomic Habits, one small step each day, to avoid being overwhelmed by large end goals

Stress Testing ideas

  1. Whenever you have an idea that appeals to you, discuss it with other people who can rigorously counter things that can go wrong for the idea. If you’re able to survive this onslaught and still believe in the idea, then it’s good enough


  1. Titans aren’t perpetually unsatisfied people, but rather are grateful for achievements
  2. Write three things you’re grateful for each morning, and try to be grateful for unique things each day


  1. Making your bed gives you a feeling of accomplishment at the very onset of the day
  2. Work 60 minutes on a problem you’d planned on from the day before, when you’re the freshest
  3. Give your brain an overnight task, and let your subconscious work on it
  4. End your day with a journal - what went well today, what could have been better

Personal growth

  1. Procrastination - what will be the one thing you can do today that will make you most satisfied, even if you get nothing else done? Do that activity on topmost priority
  2. Journaling your thoughts is a great way to figure out seemingly complex web of thoughts
  3. It’s very hard to be the best in the world at one thing. But you can be good at two things, and combine them to great effect. For instance, I’m not the best writer, nor the best software engineer. But I’d make a pretty superb software engineering content writer
  4. Be vulnerable to get vulnerability
  5. Avoid cortisol culture - cut out 20% of the things that are causing 80% of the anxiety
  6. Watch three people - a senior you want to emulate, a peer who’s better than you, and a junior who’s doing the job better than you did
  7. Instead of continuing with your weak points mindlessly, improve it, eliminate it, or delegate it

Personal happiness

  1. Be self deprecating to disarm your haters
  2. Calmness under fire - respond to insults with ‘I’m perfectly willing to accept that’
  3. For anything in life, you have three options - change it, accept it or leave it

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